Beware of QPT Towing

This website has been created to warn the public and businesses on the Gold Coast about the operators of QPT Towing who operate on the fringe of the law and who have threatened people who have the misfortune to use businesses that instruct QPT to take their car and contents and demand a ransom for recovery. Of particular concern is the fact that student accommodation places on the Gold Coast and retail shopping centres expose their customers to danger and intimidation.

Beware of shopping centre car park in Olsen Avenue.. QPT Towing haunt that location looking for someone who parks and leaves the shopping centre on foot.

Beware of staying at Varsity Towers. That student accommodation facility for Bond University students uses QPT Towing to take cars. Guests are not immune. Residients who do not score one of the limited car spaces are forced to park outside. If they park on yellow lines the car can be taken. Management and the Body Corporate that operates the business will not force QPT to give back guest cars if they are taken. Varsity Towers will not give a refund if a guest car is taken. There are other nearby student accommodation businesses that do not use QPT


Here is one option to put to the Police. Ask the police to take owners and collection crew to court with charges under this law.. CAR Interference Law



May I please advise of the actions of QPT that was attempting to steal one of our most valued tenants cars today.
Paradise Towers, involved the Queensland Police and Channel 9 to release the tenants car as the tenant was inside the car and QPT, under instructions of the chairman of Paradise Towers CTS 14978 demanded that the car be towed away when in fact other cars were parked on common property and they were permitted to park there.
Two rules!!!.
QPT, refused to co-operate and humiliated the tenants and myself the Lot Owner of the tenants.
It was a disgusting 4 hour stand off.
The Police took hold and Channel 9 were stunning, they saved the day.
My complaint is the terrible tactic that QPT took in humiliating the tenants. I was a total farce.              
The QPT "team" were laughing and baiting us, just terrible and the entire scenario was recorded.
I am warning all other viewers to this page BE AWARE OF QPT...AT ALL TIMES.
Very very nasty operation.
Very  mean spirited and very unfair as well.
Ripping off people at $330.00.  per car.
By Paradise Towers resident

Same allegations keep arising about QPT thuggery on behalf of major clients.

13 August 2015.

Below is a copy of the email we sent to the Queensland Manager of ALH Group who own the land that Parkwood Tavern and Dan Murphys operate on. 
As soon as the Queensland Manager received my complaint he phoned me and told me how concerned he was at the behaviour of the towing company and has instigated an investigation into it.  He hadn't heard of this company and didn’t know whether they were the contracted company or not, hence more enquiries.  Do I expect to hear anything positive?  Probably not, but obviously the Manager did not approve of the way these guys treated me.  
You are welcome to post my story to the website, but please mention that the matter is being investigated by ALH Group after receiving our complaint.  I have replaced our names in red in the text below. 
Name withheld

Dear Stephen

We contacted AHL earlier today regarding a complaint we would jointly like to make regarding the way we were treated by tow truck contractors on site at the Parkwood Tavern site, Olsen Avenue, Parkwood, Qld. He was advised to email you and will follow up with you tomorrow, Thursday, in regard to this.
What Happened:  
We pulled into a park in the driveway outside what we thought was the boundary to the Parkwood Tavern car park, at about 8.30am this morning (Wednesday 12th August).  We had a quick appointment to attend at the hospital.  We observed a few other cars parked in this area. The Tavern car park was completely empty. As we would be back at 9.15am we did not feel this would impact anyone.  We did not see any signs in this area telling us we could not park there. We believed that Dan Murphy’s would open at 9 or 9.30am and we would be gone by then.
At 9.15am we returned to the car to see it being towed away on the back of a truck, which did not have any markings whatsoever on it.  No name of the company, driver, phone details.  For all I knew my car was being stolen.  We waved the tow truck driver down and he said he would go around the block and return to the car park, that we should go and talk to the guy in charge at the pub.  So we continued to Dan Murphy’s which was open and asked the employees there if they knew anything about the towing.  They said No and told us to go ‘next door’.  
As we walked next door we saw a burly bloke talking to a couple of other ladies next to cars which were up on chocks/blocks, wheel clamped so that they could not drive away.  We went to speak to him, explained that my car had just left on the back of the truck and we had asked the driver to return.  He pointed to a sign, outside the Parkwood Tavern and said it was a private car park and the vehicle would be towed and we would have to pay $330 to get it back.  We didn’t realise we were in the tavern car park, we thought we were outside the boundaries of it. The sign he pointed to, was across the parking area from us, at the entry to what we believed was the Parkwood Tavern car park - away from where we had parked.  The sign that was beside our car and toward the Tavern car park stated that the hours of trade were from 10am - guaranteed. It was now 9.30am.
As we had another appointment at 10am I paid the fee and got a receipt.  Meantime when my friend was trying to explain our reasoning behind parking where we had and that we didn’t realise it was the Tavern car park, a younger man (one of the two from the tow company) began getting very irate and yelling.  I turned to him and interrupted him as he said that they had to clear the car park for 10am.  I told him it was 9.30am, to which he yelled at me “Shut up you f**king bitch”, stepped into my personal space, about 10cm from my face and kept yelling at me not to interrupt him.  I told him to stop yelling at me.  
I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and of a slender build, 50+ years old.  This young man, aged about 30 years was about 6 foot tall, wearing dark clothing, tattoos visible right down his arms, black wrap around sunglasses and a bad attitude.  He was offensive, aggressive and I felt, very close to hitting me.  He continued yelling in my face.  
I found his behaviour and attitude to be very disturbing and certainly not conducive to carrying out any sort of business transaction.  I find it hard to believe that Parkwood Tavern, Dan Murphy’s or ALH would condone this sort of behaviour on their premises and on their behalf. 
This young man continued to be abusive, walked away muttering more swear words and abuse and I called him on it, asking him what he was muttering about. He just continued swearing, throwing abuse at me and walking toward the tow truck which had just arrived back in the car park with my car.  This young man raced up to the driver and told him to" take the f**king truck to the depot.  This b*tch can get it from there.  Make them take a taxi.”  Remember  I had already paid the fee and received a receipt stating “I acknowledge I have taken repossession of the vehicle".  And this young man is trying to persuade the driver to leave with my car. He was now encouraging the driver to unlawfully take my vehicle from the car park.
The truck driver had begun to unhook my car from the tray, but he began to tie it back up because of this young guy.   I told him that I had paid my fee and the older bloke had told me that the car would be taken off the trailer here. We exchanged a few more words and he said he didn’t want to get into this.  So I said, well take the car off, I’ve paid the fee.  The young aggressive man with tattoos kept telling him to tie it up, she can f**king get a taxi, and similar things.  
Now, remember that the receipt issued by the tow truck company, that I had in my hand, stated I had now paid the fee and acknowledged repossession of my vehicle …. and the young man is encouraging the driver to take my car away again.  I was getting pretty irate.  I believe the older bloke who seemed to be in charge on site said something to the tow truck driver, who then began to take my car off the tray. 
Meantime we took some photos of where my car was parked, the signage around the area, the tow truck and the utility vehicle driven by the two tow truck people on site.  That vehicle did not have any identification details on it either.  For all I know they could have been unlawfully on the site stealing my car and intimidating me into paying them money. 
Where were we parked
I believe we were parked in the driveway entrance, outside of the boundaries of the Parkwood Tavern car park.
I believe that the signage that was beside my vehicle is deliberately placed at the entry to the Parkwood Tavern car park …. in which we were not parked.  We have photos of this signage in relation to where my vehicle was parked. 
Behaviour of Tow Company Employees contracted to you/Parkwood Tavern/Dan Murphy’s
It is obvious these guys have no customer service skills, not unusual for this industry, where bullying and intimidation are rife.  They advised they were there to remove cars from the tavern car park before it opened at 10am, as it was a private car park.  As it was 9.15 when they took my car out of the car park, they were a) taking it before 10am and I believe b) taking it from an area not covered by the Parkwood Tavern agreement for them to tow vehicles parked in their private car park. 
I found the attitude and behaviour of the two tow truck employees in the car park to be rude, offensive and am extremely disappointed if your company condones this type of behaviour.  For an employee - a contractor to your company (Parkwood Tavern/ Dan Murphy’s / ALH Group) - to physically step into the personal space of a woman of 50 years who is slender and stands only 5 foot 6 inches tall, yelling at her, swearing at her and using aggressive body language, well, it is simply beyond further words.
It is also interesting to note that drivers of two other cars returned to their vehicles by 9.15am too, to find their wheels blocked and chocked, but no tow truck to take their vehicles away.  If the wheels had not been chocked they could have removed their vehicles from the car park at any time.  I see this as intimidation and bullying.  Interesting also that all these drivers were females who these men seemed to think they could bully and intimidate.
Parkwood Tavern Staff on Duty
My friend walked up to the tavern and asked to speak to the Duty Manger or other staff, who were obviously in attendance, and  was told he couldn’t.  No further explanation was given. Disappointing that the tavern staff, who the towies said they were contracted by, would not even speak to us.
When we started taking photographs of the area the older tow truck bloke said it was illegal to take photos in a private car park. Complete rubbish.  They were obviously very worried about the situation, and the fact that we were willing to stand up for what we felt was right.  Perhaps they were nervous because they realise they were towing vehicles from an area they had no right to?

Editor -This complainant is wondering what Parkwood Tavern thinks of the way the public have been treated for years by QPT doing its contracting


COMPLAINT 5/6/15 got stung by these thugs at Parkwood Tavern around 8am.

The car was on trolleys didn't let them take the car refused permission and started removing their equipment. I already have anger management issues my self. I pulled out a long wheel locking pin from the trolley and was thinking of attacking them with it but my anger management counselling helped and I came to my senses.

I called the police to protect them from me getting angry my car was damaged police said they are in the right with the toothless law and witnesses from the commotion would not back my story (probably from fears of repercussions from these two operators) so the two QPT employees' stories of what happened against my story alone was not enough. Police said they could do nothing, please if you ever witness these guys testify because it will help getting rid of their thug tactics

The lesson here is avoid Parkwood Tavern


Their new address is 168 Brightlake St, Cararra. One day someone who takes their car back might cause a Gold Coast to court decide if QPT have a legal right to lock up cars and often valuable contents taken from private property in their Cararra yard rather than just remove a car to the nearest public street for a fee paid by their client.


Businesses should think about their liability in using QPT to take away people's cars and the property inside cars.

Here is a real life comment from a person who had to endure the threats and intimidation

" I finally got my car.  The guy made me sign a form to say my car had no damage, before he had even unlocked the gate to get my car out.  There was a lot I wanted to say to him but I didn't because ... he could have done anything to me. 

I'm just thankful I'm still alive and have a car after that experience.  I really do wish there was something I could do to stop these people but I feel you have tried and I'm sure others have complained as well.  They've already been in the GC Bulletin and on ACA, I don't know where else to go.'

QPT exists and people suffer because businesses pay QPT to take cars away. Best thing for the public is to avoid businesses that are associated with QPT


There are constant reports of threats and intimidation and damage to vehicles that are touched by QPT.

QPT are contracted by property owners like shopping centres. Bond university accommodation providers, Gold Coast resorts and the like to patrol their premises and remove cars that are allegedly parked in places that are deemed illegal.

QPT jack the cars they take with an air bag and then insert trolley wheels under the car wheels before pushing the car like a giant skateboard to a tow truck to be transported to their yard where the car is held until they get $330.00.

When owners complain there are often threats of assault and intimidation given to those who complain.

The law says that Qpt cannot clamp cars. They cannot blockade cars but the law allows them to jack a car up and steal it. If they took a $100.00 from private property it would be stealing. If they take a car and contents it is not stealing but "parking control".

They seem to think ( as do the people who pay them ) that putting up this sign makes it legal to take a car without consent of the owner. It might entitle them to tow the car to the street but not take it kilometres away and demand cash for its return.

If you see this sign on premises it means that the business that owns the car park is contracted to permit the people from QPT Towing to enter in to the car park, jack your car up and take it away.

You will then ( courtesy of the business that employs them to tow your car ) be faced with the same potential for intimidation, threats of violence and potential damage to your car and possessions as I faced.

Here is a selection of the history of QPT contacts. Just a few.

The police know about them an invite victims to contact them if property is damaged, stolen or their are threats made.

For businesses, why inflict QPT on your customers ?

This is NOT owned by qpt towing - brightlake Pty Ptd it is a consumer warning site


3 February 2013. They contract their services to businesses like apartment buildings, motels, and shopping centres. They take cars to their premises for and on behalf of the businesses that pay them to do so.

Car owners are subject to having their cars damaged, contents left insecure and MAY RECEIVE personal threats like I did.

The community could boycott businesses that use them to remove cars. That is the key. Avoid using the services ( paying ) the businesses that allow their customers and the unsuspecting public to be affected by QPT Towing.

Unit Body Corporates, Accommodation places and Shopping Centres are knowingly exposing the public to the QPT treatment. Boycott places that use them. A Current Affair proves that they are dodgy.

See the story here

We encourage victims to let us know where QPT operates.

Here are just two reports from early 2013. Tell us more by email

Victim 1. To whom this may concern,

I would just like to add Savannah Broadbeach to the map! management at Savannah Resort did nothing to warn anyone about this being activated. myself and 15+ people had their cars towed without warning. i walked down to our car park and the heavily tattooed guy was standing next to my car (only had two wheels on casters) wasn't hooked up or anything and i started to go to my car and he became very angry, telling me to back away from my vehicle. Again demanding the 330 dollars before i could get my car back. i have made it a point to mess with them as much as possible when they arrive here. They came tonight 2/2/2013 and he had the carpark gate up, and while he was outside i ran down and closed the gate and cut all power to the gate allowing him not to be able to get to the other cars that he had already put on casters. Unfortunately the owners didn't show up in time. i have taken pictures of all areas and all vehicles that were towed in areas that didn't have "no parking"

I tried the cops already and ended with nothing  Of all the "hotels" I have stayed, this is the worst customer service I have ever had. The tattooed man got angry with a "customer" as he walked up to his car as it was being pulled out. Telling him he better stay back. When the "customer" was in fact concerned if his vehicle was being stolen or not. I'm glad I held him up as long as I did because the couple were on holidays from New Zealand and their flight was leaving this morning and it was a rental car. From this point on QPT will have a very difficult time getting further vehicles out of the car park. I will be waiting, standing for what's right, and putting every obstacle in their way to make them regret coming here!

I have numerous photos and statements from guests saying "management" didn't tell them not to park where they did. As there are no "no parking" signs where people park.last night they came and took 3 of the 6 "illegally" parked cars. Fair? I don't think so! Addition to that, there were 2 cars parked in handicapped spots with no permit! And those were left as well! I am going to take it upon myself to make "personal" signs to post up warning guests to not park in these spots. Since management has not done this themselves.We have ALWAYS parked in these spots as we were instructed to park here as long as we were not blocking anyone. I have made MANY negative reviews on all travel sites against Savannah about this problem. If it comes to me having to stand outside with a sign warning guests, I guess that's what I have to do to hit the heart of Savannah Resort.
Thank You

Update : We spoke with "Shawwal" the Manager from Savannah Resort at 12.08 pm on 3 February 2013

He advised that Savannah Apartments has 142 rooms and only 56 parking spaces. He has had complaints that cars block other cars or use the wrong spaces in the car park.

The Body Corporate has given QPT Towing a swipe card and free 24 hour access to enter the car park and remove any cars deemed "illegally parked". He claims that QPT are entitled to take the cars without asking Savannah Management first and that every car that has been "started to be removed " must pay $330.00 to QPT to be freed.

Shawwal from Savannah Resort said that despite evidence of aggression and rudeness to car owners as evidenced by Channel Nine video and accounts on the warning website, they have to use QPT Towing as no other towing company is doing private property car removal. ( Maybe no other people do it because it is allegedly illegal to take a car without permission from the owner whether on private property or public land Ed. )

Savannah Resorts claims that there is a sign at the entry to the underground car park stating that cars will be removed by QPT at any time with a fee of $330.00. At issue is whether a sign creates consent or permission from the owner or person in control of the car, to QPT to lift a car on airbags, move it to a tow truck and take it to a paddock where it is held to ransom.

QPT claims to be legally taking cars without permission as the cars never touch the road. !


Under section 60(1) a person must not without the owners consent,
(a) Drive or otherwise use a vehicle on a road.
(b) Wilfully interfere with (1) a mechanism or other part of or equipment attached to, a vehicle on a road or elsewhere. Maximum penalty - 40 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment.

Victim 2. Hi there,

I read your website on QPT towing as I had my car towed from Riverwalk Place last night also. I'm glad your site was the first thing that came up on Google so I was well informed before I placed my call to the duty manager who refused to tell me where the car was being kept, so I had to ring the office to get the address. After I was invited into their shed to pay for the release of my car and I noticed some serious scratches on the side. I tried to take a photo and the tattooed duty manager started pushing me telling me to get out because I was trespassing and he could use force to get me out. I am a girl who is just over 5ft and weighs only 50kgs so being assaulted in a shed was terrifying. I left immediately and my car is still there.

Apart from this (not so) glowing testimonial about QPT, I just wanted to thank you for all the information you put up on your site that helped me realize what I was walking in too.

Thanks again,

Victim 3.

I had parked my car in an underground carpark in surfers paradise beneath the omg cafe, i have parked there for months. Apon returning to my car with a friend I saw an SUV on the roller skates and walked around to see my car was too. I got my jack out and took the skates of the rear wheels of my car when the employee's of qtp came down and started abusing me. They said if I didn't stop what I was doing they were going to cave me head in, I became more aggressive towards the employee and words of a colorful nature were exchanged, when I turned away the employee named 'joe' the 'duty manager' tackled me onto the ground and continued to abuse me, I thought this was going to get out of hand as there were metal poles ad jacks lying around near, I made a quick phone call to have some money transferred and get these guys out of my face, after the money was exchanged a receipt was given and they left after a few more colorful exchanges

When thinking about who to vote for in Queensland elections... Alex Douglas.. Gold Coast MP was asked to help by either changing the law or including taking a car with the law that prohibits clamping and immobilising. Lots of talk and no action from Alex Douglas.

UPDATE April 2011 - To stop these people from tampering with cars and illegally removing them to a vacant block of land on the outskirts of the Gold Coast boycot the apartment blocks, shopping centres and hotels that use them.

The typical event is that someone parks a car without seeing a sign and returns to find their car gone. QPT towing uses a crappy air bag and tiny wheels to uplift the car and tow it away. They demand $330.00 cash or $340.00 if you pay by credit card to recover your car.

The Queensland Police will not assist you if the car is taken from private property. This includes carparks of unit blocks and shopping centres.

There is a criminal offence of tampering with a motor car and theft that could be laid depending on the circumstances. Report each incident to the police and the Gold Coast City Council as the vacant block that cars are towed to may not have town planning approval.


7 June 2012. We had a complaint from a person who had his car stolen and had to pay $330.00 to QPT from here.

Might be wise to avoid this place.

Yes the property is

Riverwalk Place

238 Robina Town Centre Drive


The thing is Robina is not like central Sydney or even surfers for that matter and I was just 30 mins late and it IS a visitors car park. The rudeness of the people operating this business is appalling, I have never been spoken to so rudely and what for going 30 mins over in a visitors car park? The guy is a tattooed guy who looks threatening and I did not even want to talk to an uncultured brute like him. It is just not right.


Here is the link

Here is a report from yet another victim...

Beware of this shopping centre which allows QPT Towing to remove cars and any valuables therein without warning to unsuspecting car owners...

Brightlake Pty Limited Tallai QLD 4213 – ACN 010 892 752 – ABN 25 010 892 752

Money making parking scam operating on the Gold Coast – Warning signs placed so that they are not easily visible to drivers entering the car park. Tow operator tipped off and your car is towed away to a remote location where you are confronted by intimidating staff to pay up.

I recently parked my car in a parking bay at the shopping centre at 318 Olsen Avenue, Parkwood 4215 thinking it was a normal car park without restrictions as there were no signs visible from where I parked and nothing in the bays themselves warning that it was a private car park or that vehicles could be towed away at owner’s expense. My car was not parked in any way in which it would cause a hazard to other vehicles or safety exits. It was in a designated parking spot. There were around 5-6 other vacant spots when I parked.

I returned to the car park at approximately 2 hours later to find my car missing. I spoke to a staff member of the nearby store who showed me a sign which was facing away from the cars entering the car park and had very small print. Had the sign been clearly visible I would not have parked my car there.

I phoned Brightlake Pty Ltd on 0432 301 130 as per the sign. I was told they had my car and I would have to pay $330 to get it back. I took a Gold Coast Cabs taxi to 41 Harper Street, Molendinar where my car was being held. I was forced to pay an additional $10 as I paid by credit card.

A tax invoice/receipt was thrust at me to sign by the attendant who was much taller than me and very intimidating. I didn't feel I had a choice but to pay the money and get out of there fast. The attendant failed to sign the receipt.

On returning home I called my bank, cancelled my credit card and requested that their fraud squad investigate on my behalf.

I am now preparing to lodge a complaint with ASIC - .

A search on the ASIC website reveals that their ABN is still current but the last time they lodged an Annual Return was on 12 July 2002.

ORIGINAL content below.

This website exists to warn the potential users of Brightlake Pty Ltd Trading as QPT Towing  that the business will tow vehicles without a written Authority to Tow and that a staff member has made threats of violence to a victim of their towing business.

Beware of QPT Towing ABN 25 010 892 752  Read below

QPT Towing P O Box 896 Mudgeeraba 4213
07 5522 8678
0432 301 130

QPT Towing - Brightlake Pty Ltd - Towing company specialising in illegally parked cars on private property - WARNING OF VIOLENCE

Illegally removed car, threats of violence and ransom to recover car.

This is NOT the website of QPT TOWING  - That "business" has a website that claims that they operate legally as a car never touches the road... Amazing claim !

This site was created to warn Bond University students and parents of students about what happened to a Bond University Student who visited a fellow Bond University Student

The Event

A letter to a business established to house Bond University Students sent 12 March 2010

"I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the way your business conducts the oversight of controlled parking of guest's vehicles.

This morning your contractors, QPT owned by Brightlake Pty Ltd attended at your premises at 8.00 AM and towed my daughter's vehicle to a yard in Carrarra .

Here is where she parked in the dark on Thursday night.. Her vehicle had a current Bond University Student ID sticker on the windscreen. Her identity was therefore easily obtainable if they or their car stealer agents wanted to contact her before removing her vehicle without her consent.

There was no written Authority to Tow.

Here is the unauthorised Authority to Tow NOT created by agents of the property owners but used by Brightlake to illegally tamper with a guest vehicle

The contractors were not licensed by Queensland Transport

The contractors did not have a valid Authority to Tow - Remove as it was unsigned by the management or body corporate. The men were therefore unable to provide pubic liability insurance or vehicle damage insurance.

When I went to collect the vehicle from a dirt yard in Carrarra, the operators of the tow service who were two young men, allowed me to photograph the unsigned Authority to Tow. They in effect gave themselves the authority to take a vehicle without permission from student accommodation car park.

The Brightlake - QPT Towing yard or QPT parking "Officer's" storage yard where vehicles owned by student accommodation guests and visitors are taken.

The tow operators told me that they did not have specified permission to take that vehicle but had a general authorisation from the student accommodation business which started "two years ago" and that it is their practice to take a car without the owner's consent and without the knowledge of the representatives of the accommodation house.

The accommodation provider provided retrospective permission to take their guest's vehicles by collecting and signing later, on any day, blank forms placed in the mail box by the contractors as they leave with guests cars.

When collecting my daughter's vehicle, I complained to the two operators about the taking of the vehicle without permission.

I took their photographs and also one of the vehicle they used to take the car. It was not licensed as a tow truck.

The two men became angry when I took a photograph saying "You can't take a photograph on private property"

I said to the blonde one "You can't steal vehicles without an authority to tow"

The blonde one said to me in a loud voice as he moved towards me " Take your car and go you c**t.  I am going to break your nose."

I went to my car and waited while my daughter who had control of the car that was taken from her accommodation drove out.

The Bond University Student Accommodation provider has placed my daughter in the position where she has to deal with a man who makes threats, has no insurance, has not had to pass a suitability - character test and is NOT licensed by Queensland Transport.

The accommodation provider is in a position of trust having control of young vulnerable people who reside in its property. These people are studying ( many from overseas ) and rely on their host to protect them.

Rather than protect them, the student accommodation house sets contractors loose on them when their car does not conform to parking wish lists found in small print on their website and on a small sign in the yard. There is not enough space for all guests to park. It is well known that there are not enough spaces at the accommodation house and every day people are obliged to park " illegally."

It is clear that over two years that QPT Towing - Brightlake Pty Ltd the contractors, Brightlake Pty Ltd have imposed themselves on hundreds of guests who were obliged to pay $330.00 to recover their car. Clearly hundreds of thousands of dollars have been "collected" from tenants and guests.

This man ( Entitled "Duty Manager" ) is contracted to take guests cars without a signed enforceable written authority.

He claimed to work for QPT t/as Brightlake Pty Ltd ABN 25 010 892 752 of P O Box 896 Mudgeeraba Q 4213 when he demanded $330.00 to return the car. He is not the one who made the threats of violence.

This is not the man from QPT Towing who made the threat to break my nose. He did however take my car without written authority and demanded $330.00 for me to get it back

His colleague said "Take your car and go you c**t. I am going to break your nose"

I will raise this issue with Bond University with a view to ensuring that the practice of student vehicles being towed without specific written pre obtained consent of accommodation house management ceases.

It is a requirement that the Authority to Tow be signed at the time unlicensed tow people are handed the valuable property belonging to guests. Without the authority being pre signed there is no insurance or public liability coverage.

Anyone allowing these people to tow cars without a signed written authority is potentially liable for any damage and the conduct of its contractors.

I am a reporter and intend to warn guests and potential guests of the danger that the body corporate places them in when they allow unlicensed, uninsured contractors to take ( steal ) guest's cars without consent..

Unsigned Authority to Tow

It is a scam... there is inadequate student parking and the off campus accommodation provider uses unlicensed men to take guest's cars from whatever space they are able find on the property. Rather than help guests, the accommodation provider sets men, one of whom threatened violence, on them to collect $330.00 ( A lot for students ) in order to recover their car.

The issue of illegal parking is not the root of this issue. It is allowing unlicensed people ( uninsured without an Authority to Tow ) to attend on student accommodation land and take Bond student guests cars with possessions inside without oversight and for the vehicle to be towed a long way away to a dirt paddock in an industrial site.

Students are not even warned to come and move their car. It is simply taken without authority and without the body corporate having control or knowledge of the theft.

People who contract QPT Towing may fail their duty of care to student guests and visitors. It allows QPT Towing's unlicensed, uninsured and unsupervised men to take valuable property from student guests..

When asked to justify the cost of $330.00 one tow person said.. "It takes three of us to get the job done"  I noticed that their ute come tow truck has only two seats !

Always take exact money in CASH.. They claimed not to have change in my case. The receipt said $330.00 but they took $340.00

The threat of violence against me for questioning this procedure which is condoned, orchestrated and encouraged engaged in by towing contractors aggravates the scam that targets vulnerable Australian and oversea Bond University students.."

The vehicle in question is Falcon SW   Receipt 4348 was issued for the ransom.


These unlicensed men attend car parks and  without specific written authority they are allowed to insert an air bag under guest and visitor cars. Shopping Trolley like wheels are inserted under the wheels and the car is pulled along the roads to a dirt yard. See wheels in pic below

The Trolley Wheels and camera shy parking controllers employed to take away cars owned by guests and their visitors.

QPT Towing was not authorised to take my daughter's car. They simply turned up and took it without her knowledge or the specific consent of management..

BEWARE you will meet these men in a dirt yard and part with "$330.00 in cash" as they demand.

One of the contractors may address your child or you this way " Take your car and go you c**t  I am going to break your nose."

Make an informed choice when selecting Bond University Off Campus Accommodation choose one that does not allow QPT Towing to secretly tow away a car and demand $330.00 and make threats to break the noses of people who complain.


If the public specifically refuse to do business with accommodation providers, hotels, shops and institutions that use QPT Towing to remove customers cars then the cycle of illegal tampering with motors cars will cease. Go to someone who does not subject you to the QPT Towing treatment.

Boycott places that use QPT  Here is what happened to a pensioner couple at Palm Beach Hotel

Driven to brink


By Luis Feliu

Pensioners Harry Glencorse and Vince Mandarino won't be patronising the Palm Beach Hotel any more - not after their cars were towed away from the hotel car park and they were forced to pay $250 each to retrieve them.

And they're not the only angry local residents who were given the rude shock. Others have complained to police, the media and politicians about the joint operation between the hotel and Ashmore towing company Queensland Parking Technology (QPT) which has caught out a number of unsuspecting locals and Gold Coast visitors in the past five months.

Mr Glencorse and Mr Mandarino claim the system, in place to try and prevent motorists who are not patrons of the pub or the TAB from parking at the venue, was tantamount to entrapment.

Mr Glencorse said he recently drove into the parking lot behind the hotel but before going into the pub, a friend called to him from across the road and he went over for a brief chat before returning to the hotel a short time later using a different route.

"When I later went back to the car park my car had gone," the Elanora pensioner said.

"I approached a chap there and told him someone's taken my car - he told me it had been towed away and gave me a mobile number to ring to get it back.

"I was then told (by the towing company) that if I didn't have the $250 I wouldn't get it back and even when I explained I was a pensioner he said 'too bad'."

Mr Glencorse said he had explained to the hotel manager but the manager simply pointed to a sign at the car park entrance and said the issue was out of his hands while a representative from the towing company informed Mr Glencorse he had been photographed leaving the parking area before his car was towed.

"Police told me they had received a lot of complaints but there was nothing they could do about it because it was a private car park," Mr Glencorse said.

"They (towing company staff) sit there like vultures and watch you as you park, and take photos, then the other guy with the mobile rings the tow truck.

"It's a licence to print money ... I always try and do the right thing but this is not right ... why can't they tell you 'look don't leave your car here or else it will get towed away'."

Mr Mandarino, of Palm Beach, said he was caught out recently when he parked his car at the hotel after dropping his wife off to play the pokies, walked a few metres away to make a dental appointment before returning to the hotel a short time later.

It was then that he noticed his car was missing and he learnt that he too had been followed across the road and been photographed before his car was towed to Ashmore.

"Why don't they tell people if they park there they must go into the pub? The sign there is not good enough, people don't stop to read it because there's too much writing and it is too small to read - you need five minutes to read it, how can you stop to read it if a car's behind you?" Mr Mandarino said.

"A lot of people won't be going to that pub anymore - no bloody way.

"They're so quick - within 10 minutes they've shifted a couple of cars - I've saved a few people from it by warning them when they park."

The hotel's duty manager Ray Swift said he could understand the two pensioners' anger and had received complaints from other people caught unaware.

"But the biggest problem here is there's not enough parking in Palm Beach and we're trying to look after our patrons," Mr Swift said.

He said hotel management had tried to "educate" locals about the consequences of parking there if they were not a hotel or TAB patron by putting a staff member at the front car park gate from 8am to 10am to advise people but he admitted the system may have "fallen down" with the two pensioners.

Mr Swift said the towing company operated between 10am and 1pm and were instructed to take photos of people parking their cars and not entering the hotel.

"They're given 20 minutes of grace to do what they have to before their cars are towed away," he said.

Source Gold Coast Mail

QPT Towing Depot Map and Warning Sign


Qpt's version of their operations.

Wheel Clamping

Wheel clamping is illegal under the Transport Amendment Act 1997. Subsection 60.6 does not limit the right a person may have to remove or cause to be removed from land, a vehicle parked or left standing on the land.

What hours of the day do we operate?

To suit our clients needs, but we envisage most businesses to be attended to during business hours when parking is at a premium. We are of course available for any after hours service also.

What signs should be in place?

We act on specific signage i.e.. size and correct wording. We are able to provide samples of the signs and any additional text that may be required specifically for your site. We will attend the site, meet with the management or building representative and make recommendations, should it be needed.


We have full insurance (copies of which are available). Bodys Corporate themselves are covered under their own policies "Office Bearer's Insurance". Unregistered vehicles are not covered.

What service is available after the contract fee is paid?

24hours, 7 days per week for a one year period. The vehicles are towed, the police are notified (in the event that the owner reports the vehicle as stolen), and stored in a fully monitored secure holding yard. Our response time should be within a one hour time frame.

How do we differ from other towing companies?

Most of the operators towing illegally parked vehicles have to gain access to the vehicles to release hand brakes or to let the vehicles out of gear or in the case of autos, out of park. Under section 60(1) a person must not without the owners consent,

(a) Drive or otherwise use a vehicle on a road.
(b) Wilfully interfere with (1) a mechanism or other part of or equipment attached to, a vehicle on a road or elsewhere. Maximum penalty - 40 penalty units or 6 months imprisonment.

Qpt Towing have been known to refuse to tell victims where their car has been towed to until the day after they have stolen - taken it...

If they refuse to tell you where your car is - look at 41 Harper Street, Molendinar

QPT Towing - Brightlake Pty Ltd - Towing company specialising in illegally parked cars on private property - WARNING OF VIOLENCE

 The law on car theft

What the Law states - Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle

Sections 408A of the Criminal Code Queensland states:

(1) A person who-

(a) unlawfully uses any motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel without the consent of the person in lawful possession thereof; or

(b) has in the person's possession any motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel without the consent of the person in lawful possession thereof with intent to deprive the owner or person in lawful possession thereof of the use and possession thereof either temporarily or permanently

is guilty of a crime.


What the Police must prove - Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle

In order for the Police to prove their case at Court, they must prove each of the following matters beyond a reasonable doubt.

408A (1)(a)

The accused:

(1) unlawfully used the vehicle

"used" means used as a conveyance-that is, the accused travelled in it as the driver or passenger

(2) The person in lawful possession did not consent to its use

(3) The accused used it knowing the person in lawful possession of the vehicle would not consent to its use.



The accused

(1) had the vehicle in his or her possession

(2) did not have the consent of the person in lawful possession of the vehicle

(3) knew that the person in lawful possession had not given consent to the accused having possession

(4) had the vehicle in his or her possession with the intent to deprive the person in lawful possession of the uses of the vehicle either temporarily or permanently

It will be necessary for the Police in every offence to prove that the accused was the person who committed the offence.


Maximum Penalty - Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle

The Maximum penalty for the offence of Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle is 7 years imprisonment. 

If the offender uses or intends to use the motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel for the purpose of facilitating the commission of an indictable offence, the offender is liable to imprisonment for 10 years

 If the offender

(a) wilfully destroys, damages, removes or otherwise interferes with the mechanism (or part thereof) or other part of or equipment attached to the motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel; or

(b) intends to destroy, damage, remove or otherwise interfere with the mechanism (or part thereof) or other part or equipment attached to the motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel

they are liable to imprisonment for 12 years.

Which court will hear the matter - Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle

This matter is indictable and can be dealt with in the District Court or at the election of the accused, be dealt with in the Magistrates Court.

Possible Defences - Unlawful Use Of A Motor Vehicle

Possible defences to this offence include but are not limited to

(1) the accused had the lawful consent of the owner of the vehicle to its use.

(2) Honest claim of right.

(3) Identification ie. Not the accused

(4) Accused did not use or occupy the vehicle to the exclusion of the owner's rights.

(5) The vehicle is abandoned

Honest and reasonable belief that the accused had the consent of the owner or person in lawful possession

Another tow truck operator's comments

Hi There, We are in the towing industry, and I do agree with you to a point. My e-mail is not based on your daughters and your treatment by QPT, that behaviour is not supported by us. My issue is about a balance and I guess ethics is another issue to me.

My question is this. What if a car is dangerously parked, or parked in front of a fire door, or a hydrant door, or is simply abusing the rights of others or owners to have control of commercial parking areas.

You have entered into no-mans land, to which, there is no clear answer to resolving this issue.

Other countries have resorted to private contractors being able to impound vehicles to overcome parking issues.

I have done the removal of parked cars and don't do it any more. Too stressful for me, however, in every instance, the car had well overstayed its welcome as clearly signed or was parked in clearly defined no parking area as it was an access roadway these cars were parking in instead of the the car park.

I would like to say, before completely slamming these operators, at times they will doing good by removing some of the cars that they do remove. I will agree that the majority could well be a money making grab as the car in question does not pose any risk.

Also, what of abandoned cars. At what point can a car placed on private property be classified as left for good?

Owners of property have rights too. It seems all to easy to jump the gun here. What are property owners going to do. Council have requested that they put parking control on the property owners and that they maintain it. So, they also should have the right to say who can park there and for how long. We all assume that parking is a right and not a privilege. Years ago, parking was never a major issue but with more cars and less space, its a growing problem.

I just feel that you may have too much anger in your web site, however, I agree that they should be more professional in the approach that they have adopted. There has to be something in place to make everybody happy. Yes, licensing tow operator is one way, signage is another.

Let me ask you this, if someone parked in your driveway, the only way is to have the car removed and at this moment, it is against the law as I understand the law. You as the person who requested the removal may also be held accountable as well. Its an extremely grey area, and as yet there are no real answers.

Maybe, put some energy in to the how and whys and this is what we should do for everybody so that we all can know what is right and wrong when it comes to a car that is parked somewhere that it is not welcomed.

Just a note, Councils can collect cars that are abandoned, illegally parked, or simply in the way of construction crews. I don't see any signs for that...? Apart for the timed parking, and the like, there are many other places councils around Australia have cars collected without consent. Why can they do it and not the actual land owner? Council does not own the land, they simply control it.

QPT should have better people skills and I guess provide a clearer or better outline of what they are meant to be doing regarding a car that is being parked on a property.

My thoughts are this, we will not do parked cars any more, way too many legal issues. I guess our Governments (State & Local) have to get some strategies in place and make laws at both levels, for good operators like us to work.

What of obvious hazard parking or if you have someone has parked in or across your drive way and limits access to your own property? The law needs to change to say what is available to us, as now our hands are tied.

One of the reasons that these people even exist is because there are some slithers of grey that they work in. Much of it under some kind of pretense that they can shift the blame back to the property owners. However, I believe they sell their service on a membership basis, they sign up and pay the annual dues to QPT allowing QPT to have free reign to the car parks. All this time that the car park owner is at much risk of legal issues as are QPT. Its a kind of scam that makes the car park owner comfortable with the fact that they can do something about a car in their car park which I can understand is their plight.

In someway, I think the police or council should be involved. Have someone with independent guide lines to work out if a car should be removed or not. They would issue a certified document allowing the car to be removed. What this will do is make the car park owner or agent decide if it appropriate to have the car removed. The car is then removed under a bonded scheme where the car becomes the bond and is dealt with by the towing company.

This will be costly. Governments charge for their services these days, a method of letting the car owner know that the car has been removed and not stolen has to be in place with a few authorities as well.

Here is something you may be able to look into. Every time a car is removed from ANY Car park, QPT is to notify QLD police by way of a FAX.

Now, what is going on there. A blind eye perhaps???????

I don't really know myself, however, I think the information to police should be at least done by email and have at least 4 photographs with the email to prove and identify any parking issue that may be present to cause the car's removal?

I wonder how QPT would react to that? I wonder if they could in fact work within that and actually continue in business?

Maybe, the Police could be asking more questions or demanding more information too.

It does not matter if its Granny's car, a student car or a millionaire's car, the rules should be the same for all and the outcome also be the same.

QPT will have a duty of care when dealing with other peoples property, and it won"t matter if they denounce this by a sign or on a piece of paper. Duty of care is just that, a duty. Kinda like breathing, gotta do it. All care and no responsibility is nearly a dead toad on the road. Won't go far any more.

Well, I hope this help you. Gives you some angles for you to look at. I believe that it makes a good story for the mass media to get the teeth into myself.

I would like nothing better than to see this part of the business tidied up and operate similar to the crash scene towing laws.